Friday, January 18, 2008

It's 10 PM, Do You Know Where Your Kitchen Is?

I love the title of Good Housekeeping's The 10 P.M. Cookbook (1958). Like I'd really want to be cooking at that time of night!

I know, it's supposed to be for dashing social types who have people over for bridge, or say happily after the opera "do come 'round to our place for a late supper!"

Well, the only place I'm dashing at 10 P.M. is to the kitchen for some more SmartPop and then back to the couch. You want a late supper, or an after-theatre snack (hah!), go look in the fridge. There's your snack, folks.

My mother owned this book and I seriously doubt that she was making "Treats On A Tray" or "Holiday Party Fare" or whipping up a little Ham Gala "Especially For The Girls."

'Ham' and 'gala' do not even belong in the same sentence.

There are plenty of odd recipes in here, though I suppose one's cooking does go a little askew by 10 pm. Here is one called Dipsy Doodle. Dipsy Doodle, what a name. I looked in the American Heritage Dictionary for help, and it said that "dipsy-doodle" means to move in a zig-zagging manner, after the baseball term "dipsy do," meaning a screwball. I guess a screwball is a baseball that moves in a, um, zigzag fashion. Right, that certainly explains the dip. Not.

Dipsy Doodle

1 package green-pea soup mix [you've lost me right there, already]
1 pint commercial sour cream [as opposed to the stuff I make on my dairy farm]
1 cup cottage cheese
1 Tb lemon juice
1/2 tsp garlic salt
1/3 cup heavy cream

Blend all ingredients in electric blender. Refrigerate very thoroughly [yeah, OK, I'll make sure I close the fridge door all the way]. Serve with potato chips or raw vegetable relishes.

"Relishes" were what they used to call things like carrot and celery sticks. My aunt always had a relish tray out on holidays, when we had The Big Meal with the fancy table linen and crystal and all the relatives coming in from other states. A fancy occasion. Got to have that relish tray. It was crystal too and was heavy on the celery and carrots, plus black olives and radishes.

The Good Housekeeping people suggested that you also serve Dipsy Doodle with "Nut Bits" and "Olive-Cheese Balls." (Feel free to make up your own jokes here.)

Fortunately there was no Dipsy Doodle anywhere near our family relish tray. No dipsy at all, come to think of it. never mind doodle.

Note: the terrible blurred image is a picture of the Dipsy Doodle, avec "Nut Bits" and "Olive-Cheese Balls." I need to start scanning pronto! But perhaps it is better to blur over the dipsy in this case.

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