Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kitchen Sweetheart

This is from 1951, from Good Housekeeping's Home Encyclopedia, published in Britain. It's a huge, heavy book, full of information. Lots to see here. But today, here is the bigamous appliance, a Trianco boiler. These boilers are so good that women want to marry them! How about that. It's not very tall, and kind of - square-looking - but it really has a certain something. Just ask the checkered-fabric-addicted gal who looks like she just had a couple of gin and tonics (and probably did).

This lady is very excited about the boiler, but insists that her marriage is just fine: hubby worried? Not a bit of it - saves him tons of money on fuel. Am I happy? Yes, I should say so - both my sweethearts are wonderful; and this one keeps the whole house snug and warm at any temperature I choose; is always ready with hot water for my every need, and requires almost no attention whatsoever. In green? Yes, you can get them in a lovely range of colours and sizes...

In fact she prefers the Trianco to the 'hubby,' because at least the Trianco keeps things warm and "is always ready with hot water for my every need," we won't even go there. And you don't have to pay attention to it, that can get really aggravating. They aren't - high maintenance. You know.
Hubby doesn't really mind, though, he just wants to save that proverbial ton of money. And also to get this maniacally smiling woman off his back. She's gone all funny since they got the boiler.

Plus hubbies do not come in green, unless they have been eating this lady's cooking.

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