Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Foodie Blogroll

I have just joined the Foodie Blogroll which is in the sidebar, which is under the culinary aegis of the wonderful Left Over Queen and has loads of cool blogs on it. I am really enjoying getting to know some of the incredible sites and people out there who love food and cooking and recipes. Of course I already knew the lovely Tarrant of Retro-Food, whose site I had admired back when Kitchen Retro wasn't even a gleam in the Knox's Sparkling Gelatine.

I also highly recommend Rochelle's Vintage and Frugal Recipes - she has some astonishing recipes posted, well worth a look.
I'll be letting you know some other great links as I go through the Foodie Blogroll.

Image from a Knox Gelatine booklet circa 1931.

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Bellini Valli said...

Welcome to the Foodie Blog Roll Lidian. I have enjoyed browsing through your blog and all it's retro recipes :D I am orginally from Cambridge Ontario by the way.