Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ice Cream At Breakfast

Does this look anything like someone's home? Honestly, now. It sure doesn't look like mine. We have a nice kitchen but there's usually a few dishes in the sink, and a cat looking around for something besides the crunchies in her bowl. And stuff is out on the counters, sometimes you just forget to put things back.

Oh, and I tend not to wear a nurse's uniform and white oxfords while I'm making my lentils and brown rice.

But according to the Sealtest folks in 1954, the Sealtest Kitchens in this picture "are actually a series of kitchen units duplicating conditions as found in the modern American home. Every recipe has been developed, tested and perfected under these home conditions."

All righty then.

The Sealtest people, as you no doubt know, sold dairy products - milk, cottage cheese, and ice cream, and cheese, for example. Did I mention ice cream? They were very keen on ice cream in this cookbook. And there are some very odd jellied salads in here too - a lot of recipes for making food look like other things, as per the last post. So we'll save that for another day.

There is this item in the index that I couldn't ignore though - even though I just featured ice cream in yesterday's post. It reads "Ice Cream at Breakfast" - that's the name of the recipe. How did they know I was thinking about that just the other day? Is that why they say their kitchen is just like mine?

Ice Cream At Breakfast

Start the day with a flourish by serving fresh strawberries, sliced peaches or sliced bananas topped with a generous scoop of Sealtest ice cream. And if hot cereal's your dish, ice cream over hot oatmeal is a real taste thrill.

The dietician-nurses are just pretending to cook things like the big basket of green broccoli-like things, and arrange little casseroles on trays. They're just waiting to get out of camera range and over to the fridge full of fudge ripple. The hell with the hot cereal!


T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types said...

I don't need much convincing - I think I'm going to try the breakfast cereal a la mode as soon as possible!

Jewelgirl said...

This looks like my schools
old Home Economics Room where we learned how to cook. I am not sure what year that area of the building
was built.