Saturday, February 9, 2008

Imitation of Pâté

A lot of the recipes that delight me with their nuttiness are either strange originals, or attempts to copy the classics. This is one of the latter, sort of paint-by-numbers version of a "fancy" dish that women's-magazine people thought the little woman at home might be able to handle. Any attempt to cook the real thing might result in Sally Levittown's overloading her circuits. She'd never be able to unmold a jellied cheese ball again!

So, for a dinner that will impress - well, no one, actually, but let's play along anyway - here's a little something to go with the fake Welsh Rarebit. That could be a main course, in a pinch. And for dessert, fake Napoleons. So why not make it a theme dinner - with Mock Pâté de Fois Gras to start things off on just the right note of false pretenses and hypocrisy? As you eat you can tell each other white lies and brag about the Hawaiian vacation you took (make sure you study the brochures beforehand).

This recipe is from the 1963 Better Homes and Gardens book on Snacks and Refreshments.
Mock Pâté de Fois Gras

1/4 lb calves' liver
1/3 cup salad oil
2 Tb minced parsley
1 Tb minced onion
1 Tb lemon juice
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

Simmer liver in water to cover for 25 minutes or till done. Put through finest blade of food chopper. Add remaining ingredients. Mix thoroughly. Cover; chill. Makes one cup. Serve with crisp crackers.

Actually, why not serve it with soggy crackers. That will distract your guests from the soggy pâté.

Soggy being the operative word here - get a load of all that salad oil. After your guests go home (which will be right after the pâté) you can wring out the leftovers and fix your door hinges.Mock Pate on Foodista

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