Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tempest In A Sauce Pan

The Century Metalcraft Corporation made metal kitchen stuff in the 1950s called Guardian Service (pots and pans and their ilk). This made them experts on food and meals and being a homemaker, apparently. You cook the food, they'll guard it. You know, if wildabeests come over and try to eat up the Escalloped Corn and Celery (dont ask) before Dad and the young-uns get to the table.

They use a knight's helmet as a symbol everywhere in the booklet. Maybe the pots and pans are to the meal what a helmet is to a head. Because the casserole might get in a fight with the dessert while you turn your back for a moment to serve up the - well, the dried foods. Yum, dried foods. This lady sure looks happy about dried foods, doesn't she. "Your Guardian Sauce Pans will make that old double boiler feel mighty useless. You'll wonder how you ever had patience to use it."

Oh, so it's the double boiler who's feeling a little hostile. No wonder the saucy little Guardian sauce pans need to act like helmets - they're inciting a lot of jealousy and hurt feelings among the baggy saggy old pots. Everything's getting a little steamed up, isn't it? (No, I couldn't resist that, could I). Does anyone realize what's going on in that kitchen? Do they think all those noise and clattering at night is just Mother getting a little het up because she's sick of cooking all that dried food?
We may never know.

Guardian pots apparently save "fuel, time and temper." I guess back when the old pots were happy, that lady was steaming. Emotions run high in the kitchen, no doubt about it. I wonder how the rest of the family's doing. Are they mad about having to eat things like "Standard Cream Soup" (yum, cream of standard!) and "cookies that are 'Easy Come, Easy Go'"? I don't like the sound of those cookies, do you? Sound like they charm you as they sit on a plate, then as you reach for one they hop off and go to Vegas, where they gamble away the money you're saving for that new Guardian Kettle Oven.

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Rochelle R. said...

Would you believe Guardian pans are collectibles and people still cook with them. When I did a post about my recipe booklet I looked them up on eBay and I think the book was going for about $12.00. Some of their pans were triangle shaped, really odd looking.