Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Canadian Breakfast Content

This lady likes her cereal so much she's decided to wear it right where she can get at it throughout the day. Like a beautiful necklace! Only heavier. And full of sloshable goodness.

This is the ultimate in Canadian Content - that media issue that we have had for many years, as we all watch masses of American television and listen to American music. Where, oh where is the Canadian Content?

Well, look no further!

There's one simple take-away message here: this stuff is Canadian. Have you got that? Well, have you? Because what we're talking about is Canadian Shredded Wheat.

It is made by the Canadian Shredded Wheat Company.*

It consists of - listen closely now! - shredded wheat that is actually made in Canada. And what do they make it from? From Canadian wheat, that's what.

If there is any non-Canadian wheat lying around, it will not be shredded. No way. Not gonna happen.

Now, the peaches and cream - well, they might come from Canada also. They probably do. Those peaches better have come from BC, where they grow "enticing, flavor-full, refreshing, fresh fruit." That's a lot to ask of a little piece of fruit, but the Canadian Shredded Wheat demands no less. And we have many dairy products in Canada, too. I am sure that the shredded wheat would repel any non-Canadian cream, as if it was made from a strain of patriotic, yet edible, Gore-Tex.**

And this lady had better be careful on the streetcar or she really will be wearing her breakfast (and her lunch and supper too, apparently). Good thing it's her favorite.

*If you take a look at the box, you'll see that the wheat biscuits are almost the size of the factory.
So when the bowl-of-cereal necklace meets an untimely end on this dame's dress, her big bar of Sunlight will come in handy!

** Yes, Gore-Tex is American. Yes. I know.


Hairball said...

The bowl is as big as her head!

Tori Lennox said...

If anybody tried to serve me shredded wheat (of any nationality) for supper, I'd be more than a little peeved. And, really, is that a nice thing to do to those lovely peaches? The combination of peaches and shredded wheat (of any nationality) kind of makes me queasy. *g*

nonamedufus said...

Hey don't knock Canadian wheat! Goes great with back bacon and poutine.

Exaggerator said...

Oh, and let's not forget that classic Canadian hot cereal, Red River Cereal--whole wheat, rye and flaxseed, "that's all--nothing else".

Oh, and BTW, is Pablum still available (even if such was created @ The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto--or, as it's more affectionately known, Sick Kids Hospital--to provide mothers with more approriate nutrition for weaning infants)?


Let's face it - we Canadians are tough. Nothing like wheat for every meal and oil of pine tar (Buckley's Cough Syrup)to cure what ails you!

David said...

Those bricks of shredded wheat did indeed used to be so huge one would have to crumble them into the bowl.

I think the peaches are grown in the Canadian citrus belt.

~~louise~~ said...

The glances over cocktails
That seemed to be so sweet
Don't seem quite so amorous
Over the "Perky" Shredded Wheat!

Unless they're garnished with peaches:)

Mary Moore said...

Well, if it's Canadian, it's gotta be good, eh?!

Lidian said...

Hairball - Well, she is very hungry!

Tori - I don't mind mini shredded wheat myself, but the big ones are kind of weird when they are crumbled up. Like eating a bowl of hay (not that I ever did that).

nonamedufus - I love Canadian wheat, and Canadian bacon too. Not so much poutine though.

Exaggerator - I think Pablum is still around, though it has been a long time since I've bought baby cereal. Red River is pretty good, and it is everywhere here! Everywhere.

Looking4Ancestors - You bet!And I found a really old Buckley's ad I ought to write about. Maybe we can have a weekly Canadian retro post...

David - That's right, peaches come from around Kelowna (there's a town near there called Peachland, in fact, I think).

Louise - That's true! And strawberries are good too. Love your poem :)

Mary Moore - It surely is. I love Canada, have lived here more than 1/2 my life in fact.

Bill said...

This would be the food product for the shelves in your bomb shelter, since it stands in for all three meals.

Because my mother never served Shredded Wheat, this stuff has always seemed surreal to me. It's the size. I'd feel like I was eating at a giant's breakfast table.

Relax Max said...

I still eat shredded wheat. I remember a long time ago there used to be a picture of Niagara Falls on the yellow Nabisco box. (I think Nabisco is (was?) an American company, and I never really got the significance of "The Niagara Falls Cereal." But maybe it was made on the American side (the Canadian stuff in your ad is made in Niagara Falls too, on your side.) Isn't that observation simply amazing?

Much breakfast cereal is made in Canada now, though, even Kellogg's Corn Flakes. Oh, they still try to pretend it is made in Battle Creek, but the side of the box now says Product of Canada.

I just went and looked at the box of Post Shredded Wheat in my cupboard (I eat those little bite sized ones instead of the bricks) to see if there was a picture of Niagara Falls on it (Post bought out Nabisco) but no. But you know what? (This is funny) You know on the side of the box where they put the nutritional information? There is a section now where they have to list possible things one might be allergic to, like nuts. Anyway, the box says, in small letters, "Contains Wheat".

Is that cool or what? :)

Lidian said...

Bill - I agree, the large Shredded Wheats always seem strange to me (maybe they should go in the Strange Catalogue)

Max - This is all very amazing information...I probably need to write another post. That would be the American Niagara Falls, we have one over here too (although since I am a dual citizen the 'we' also applies to the US side, which is provoking)...the Canadian NF has a cool wax museum with an entrance that looks like an opened, fanged mouth.

I like the "Contains Wheat" - it is almost poetry. Like the packages of peanuts that read "May Contain Nuts." Indeed, they may.

Relax Max said...

Yeah. I have been to that wax museum. Do they still have the figure on a tightrope over the main drag? It's been a while since I've been to the Falls. The American side is kind of fun too even though the rocks have fallen down and it isn't as spectacular anymore. Fun, because you can get right up to the edge in the middle on those little bridges. Anyway. You are probably not from either Niagara Falls, so you don't know what I am talking about. You should do a post sometime on when they damned up the falls to repair them and you could see the bare rocks. Long time ago. Maybe I will do a post. See you. Sent you an ad on Twitter tonight. Ever so cool. :)

Relax Max said...

"Dammed" not damned. Heh.

Didn't really dam it anyway I don't think, only diverted the American branch of the river over towards the power plant so the falls dried up. They were trying to see if they could reinforce the rock so more wouldn't fall. Don't think they really did any good though. But the roar of the falls stopped for a while. The residents said it was eerie. ooooooOOOOOoooo. :)

Shay said...

Life's fun when one is extremely nearsighted; when I first saw the ad for a split second I thought it said "shredded wheat and Apaches."

Lidian said...

Max - No, I am not from either of those Niagara Falls, as you very well know. I'm from NYC, the very middle of NYC in fact (approximately). I haven't been to NF for awhile - but maybe a post would be in order. Maybe on VDM. And thanks for the ad - have not Twitted yet today so did not know.

Shay - Now that would be exciting!