Monday, March 10, 2008

Welcome To The Canape Ball

IMG watkins 1948

Here's a peculiar little cannon ball of an appetizer from the 1946 oeuvre, Watkins Salad Book, to start the week off in a festive sort of way. I truly wish there was a picture of this in the book (which is full of dreadful recipes, by the way, I'll be sharing more of it in the weeks to come). Instead, here are all the little Watkins products, pictured in the 1948 edition of the Watkins Cook Book. Yes, I actually own three Watkins books - I also have the 1938 Watkins Cook Book. They must have been in a group at the secondhand bookstore. I didn't like to separate them. Watkins products like to stay together, as the photo shows. This recipe is a bit like that - an awkward grouping, standing around - or in this case, rolling around, held together only by a few toothpicks.

Canape Ball

Wash a large grapefruit, dry, then chill. Just before serving, place a row of stuffed olives (stuck on toothpicks) across the top and down the sides of the grapefruit. On each side of the olives place anchovies stuck on toothpicks. Continue the rows, parallel to the olives and anchovies, with cubes of American and Swiss cheese, the size of the anchovies. Add a row of pickled onions, if desired, or large ripe olives.

If people actually did this, they might want to cut a thin slice off the bottom of the grapefruit - or else that thing is going to roll around, like some sort of edible bowling ball from retro-kitchen hell, and no one is going to want that to happen. The anchovies are a particularly terrible idea, impaled on toothpicks - you don't want the snacks staring at you, do you, accusing you silently of spearing them onto a large citrus fruit.

Best just to stop after the first sentence of the recipe - put the grapefruit away in the fridge - and then chill. Go read a magazine and relax. Yeah, chill. Just put cheese and crackers out, and a bunch of grapes maybe. Then we can all relax.

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