Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mother Always Uses Andrews Liver Salt

That three day sales convention left its mark on my digestion. Oh, really? Please tell us more, sir. Yes, we would all like to know about your ghastly gastrointestinal issues.

Mother will see to you, though. Mrs. Bates, over to you:

Andrews Liver Salt - hard to believe that it is "sparkling' and "effervescent" given the name and what it's supposed to cure - is (as always) to the rescue! "Mother" must keep a case or two of the stuff in the upstairs closet.

Seems like she really enjoys dosing the family up with Andrews. Father (who resembles a B-movie gigolo) is as pleased as if she had handed him a gin and tonic.

Maybe that's what he has! He can't take the constant diet of Andrews Liver Salt any more. He's got a glint in his eye that I don't like. There's a film noir/Hitchcock subtext in this ad, I know it.

But if he makes "Mother" angry - what then? What other antacids of doom has she got hidden in the medicine chest?

Newspaper ad, from a 1954 Toronto Telegram.

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Jayne said...

It's a sweet fizzy drink!
We use it now and then first thing in the morning to "get going" if you know what I mean? ;)