Thursday, June 5, 2008

Coffee Hag

IMG_0003 LHJ 1936 Kaffee Hag
Another day, another comic-strip domestic drama. This time the culprit is Auntie, who insists on swilling lots of coffee after dinner. And then, of course, the caffeine keeps her up all night.

Mind you, Auntie is a bit of a stubborn old thing. She just won't try the decaff. Says it's no good. Gets mad at anyone who says otherwise. Auntie thinks the rest of her family is pretty daft, really.

Her nephew is dressed in a clown suit though, up at the top, so maybe she has a point.

Or maybe she just wants to stay up snooping around the house. Though from the look of things, all she's managed to find are some books with elephant bookends. Auntie, you can do way better than that! (Check the rolltop desk in the study, there's got to be some good stuff in there).

In the middle section they are actually taking the old dear out for a meal. The wily waiter suggests Kaffee Hag - he knows exactly what the deal is there. (And oh how I love the name Kaffee Hag! I am a bit of one myself early in the morning actually).

Dénouement: Auntie has (mercifully) conked out. And it only took three cups to knock her out, apparently. So the whole family's sold on it. Hey, why not - it's "real coffee- fine coffee - a blend of the richest coffees" - OK, we get it! It's really, really good! And the caffeine was just sneaked out of it "so subtly that not a atom of flavor is lost."

I guess that means we won't be needing the brandy, then.

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