Saturday, July 19, 2008

1970s Eclectic Outlet

BTB decorating book room

"The Personal Taste Chart "B" pinpointed a preference for diverse design elements with traditional overtones," eh? That's one way of putting it. Here we have a room from an early-1970s home decorating book. A room that says things about the person who has it in their early-1970s house. Things like this:

1. I like to trip over potted plants.

2. I also like bumping into oddly-angled glass coffee tables when I am trying to sit down or get up (if it was me, I would be getting up, as in getting up and running as far away as possible).

3. I really like brown and yellow. Lots of brown. Lots of harvest-gold yellow. (For bonus points, guess the kitchen color scheme...and the bathroom...)

4. I beheaded a lamppost downtown and brought it home to put on the side table.

The potted plants lend an ominous air to the room. They look restive and menacing, and are possibly about to open those plantation shutters and let the rest of the gathering pots in. They are going to avenge the furry rug and pillows.

Be careful how and where you sit...

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