Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ice Cream Quickies

GH Ice cream pic 1950s

Sealtest answers the perennial question "What can I serve that's a little different?" That's what they say they are answering, anyway...

The answers depend on how many gallons of Sealtest ice cream you happen to have on hand, though.

For example, suppose it is Election Day. Party time, right? What are you going to do about that? You make a Ballot Box, of course:


Turn out contents of half-gallon pkg. Sealtest chocolate ice cream on serving platter. Make a "slot" in the center and write "Ballot Box" above it, using stifflu whipped cream put through pastry tube. Decorate around top and base and down corner edges with flutings of whipped cream. Place cookie donkeys and elephants on top and sides.

You make the cookies from butter cookie dough, using those donkey and elephant cookie cutters that everyone has lying around the house, and frost them too.

What do you do to represent the other political parties in cookie form? Suggestions, anyone?

And here, in the understatement of the year, is what Sealtest calls


Just turn out contents of a half-gallon pkg. of Sealtest ice cream onto a serving platter and write "Happy Birthday" on it, using whipped cream put through a pastry tube. Decorate around top and base and down corner edges with fluting of whipped cream. [Sounds suspiciously like that Ballot Box, up to now; but wait, there's more!] Put ring of cupcakes around the base; stick candle in each.

Whew! I was worried when I read the recipe title there. And heaven only knows what Betty Crocker would have concocted and called a Birthday Party Quickie!

Moving right along....And finally, the dramatic and tricky


Cut a slice of Sealtest ice cream from a half gallon package. Remove a strip 1" wide from the slice and save for "candle." Place slice flat on dessert plate; cut out a small square in center of slice for base of candle." Now place the 1" wide strip upright in the square. Make a handle by adding a small ring-shaped candy or cracker. Quickly dip small sugar cube in lemon extract; set on top of "candle." Light immediately with match to set aflame.

The lovely recipes from 641 Tested Recipes From the Sealtest Kitchens (1954). And the lovely image - which is not of the Ballot Box and the Candle Magic and the Quickie, because Sealtest didn't think they warranted a picture (I think they really did!) - but of some random 1950s ice creams from a Good Housekeeping ice cream booklet. Looks like a little ice cream hat is down at the bottom though, which could be tossed into a ring cake to be in keeping with the political theme.

And of course the true Ice Cream Quickie (ahem) is going to Carvel and buying an ice cream cake there. Remember those? Those of you from the New York area (of a certain age) will also recall the delightful Carvel commercials voiced by the gravel-tongued Tom Carvel. They were SO great! And here's one of them. I think I can embed stuff from YouTube now, so here goes:

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