Friday, July 18, 2008

Inner Saltiness

Amy3 1930s NZ Andrews Liver Salt

Ah, Andrews Liver Salt! The choice of Hitchcockian mothers everywhere. And also the choice, this ad tells us, of ladies who are concerned, very deeply concerned, with Inner Cleanliness. Andrews will cleanse you spiritually, too, you see. It really is very profound and thorough.

Who is this lady speaking to? It must be someone off camera. But why are we all, er, privy to what she is saying about regularity and doses and - oh, really, madam, this is none of our business! And, if I may be so bold, none of yours either.

Actually, on further reflection, I believe the little tins of liver salt are speaking to the lady - which is why she looks so damn worried. I would be too, if the stuff in the medicine cabinet started hovering over my head and crabbing at me to clean my inner self.

You must take your liver salt before washing, it must be the very first thing you do! It gets into your mouth and starts cleaning away like Lady Macbeth on a Bon Ami jag. And it doesn't stop until - yes, not until then. Heavens, that is almost too much excitement that early in the morning. Add in a cup of coffee and you'll be orbiting Mars before breakfast.

[By the way, you may be interested to know that they studied Andrews Liver Salt in Denmark - at the University of Copenhagen yet! - and found it very efficacious in "releasing adequate gas" (tee hee) in 80% of the people tested. It is "an effective effervescent," all right, and cheap too -that's what they say, here].

Here is a lovely Andrews Liver Salt poster; if you click to enlarge you will see that the gentleman has not left his Liver Salt behind, precisely, but it is behind him.

A big thank you once again to Amy for this wonderful ad.

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