Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Little Something Shiny

Elizabeth over at the wonderful Thoughts From An Evil Overlord very kindly has given me the Brillante award. Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I love the look of it, too, it reminds me of Bejeweled 2 (not that I play computer games very often, ahem! But that is one of my faves...)

Here's the deal: choose at least 7 blogs to pass this along to, link to them, link back to me - and, um, tell them what's up!

It was really hard to pick who to give this to, because I read a lot of wonderful blogs. Good golly, you guys are all really brillante! But here we go, plunging on nevertheless -

Life On Planet Bill
I Love Retro Things

The Mad Vortex
Lit and Laundry

Memoirs of an Apron Queen

Speaking of whom (Apron Queen) I had better get my vintage skates on and find a Vintage Thingie to tell you about. So I'll go off and do that, and if you come back again later today, you'll find it right here! (Well, above here really, like whipped cream and a maraschino cherry on a sundae...)

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