Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Old Soft Soap

LHJ 1936 Sunbrite Soap

Thank goodness it's only Mr. Blank the grocer on the phone to middle-aged Betty Boop! He's brightened up her life, but only with soap. The old soft soap routine! "Cleans Easier - Works Faster - Doesn't Scratch." Yes, that Mr. Blank (the worst alias ever!) works faster all right! As far as not scratching, well, I really don't want to know the sordid details.

Still, Mr. Boop there needs a little anger management, wouldn't you say? One phone call and he's packing his bags! Having said that, why is the grocer calling Betty up to see how the soap is working? Most grocers don't act like this. That's a mighty saucy grocer you have there, Betty! Can't you two just meet out back of the store?

Still, Mr. Boop calms down quite fast. He's like the weather here this month: thunder and rain for a moment followed by blue skies (rinse and repeat!). Anything that makes the cleaning easier for you, dear! Even if it means Betty keeps "forgetting" things on her shopping list and has to keep running down to the Piggly Wiggly...

This reminds me of a similar 1930s ad (this Sunbrite one is from 1936) - the Drano ad where Mr. Snickers is whipped into a psychotic froth because of a clogged drain. Mr. Boop must be his cousin or something. Their family reunions must be quite a lot of fun!

This is my offering for Vintage Thingies Thursday, which is hosted by the Apron Queen.

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