Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Perils Of Pearline

I missed Vintage Thingies Thursday last week, having been Away. Not that I can quite remember what we were doing really, though it was of a family-visit nature. I believe there was sightseeing and lots of walking and, as you already know, not so much laptoppery.

Anyway, I've been saving this ad for VTT and I believe its time has come. Which is what they used to say about Asti Spumante, wasn't it, the wine whose time had come? I just Googled that and it looks like they say it about lots of wines. Oh well. I guess if you have the bottle opener out, it's time has come, all right.

But enough about wine, it is Thursday morning and on to the Vintage Thingie! Yesterday I mentioned how you have a lot of laundry when you come home from a trip. The next thing you start up again is the pile of dishes in the sink. It is inevitable. Minus the helpful doggie, this is about where I will be at soon enough, again:

Ladies Journal 1890 Pearline

Just imagine a laptop instead of a newspaper! Oh, and we have two cats, not a dog. And the cats wold never lick the dishes clean unless they all had tunafish salad on them, which is rarely.

The reading kitchenmaid is saying "The dog hates PEARLINE for saving labor" by the way. I guess not! She (the maid, not the dog) is wearing 1950s pumps for some reason, though the ad is from the 1890s.

If you don't want to use it on dishes, though, Pearline works to clear up drains, purify dishrags, and about anything else around the house that's dirty. Perhaps they could give the dog a nice bath after his picnic lunch. As long as you do NOT buy it from a peddler, that imitation stuff will not purify a dishrag or clear a pipe, will it?

I have another Pearline ad for another day, which shows you even more uses for this amazing stuff. Any other ways we could use Pyle's Pearline? Please advise, as there will be plenty left over thanks to the canine heroics that you see before you.

Ridiculous title thanks to the silent-film serial drama The Perils of Pauline, starring Pearl White. I wonder how she would cope with the dishes? Here is a picture of her just after doing the washing up:


It's the glassware and silverware that put her over the edge, I'll bet. And all the pots and pans! Looks like a few dishes might have got broken, too. It's rough cleaning up sometimes (even with help, and it looks like she may have had some). Don't I know it...

...For less perilous, but equally intriguing Vintage Thingies, please visit the Apron Queen!

Movie poster image from Wikipedia. Thanks Wikipedia, glad that was in the public domain.

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