Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Potato Volcano

IMG_0004 The Potato Volcano

Let's all say that five times fast!

That sure was fun...wasn't it? Oh, well. Never mind - making and eating the Potato Volcano will be even more fun.

This is from a 1937 home economics text called Foods and Homemaking, by Carlotta C. Greer (who was the Head of the Department of Home Economics at John Hay High School in Cleveland, Ohio, in case you are interested).

It is an "interesting dish" all right: take a pile of mashed potatoes and mush them down in the middle. Then beat up an egg with a teaspoon of water and pour it into the crater. Then you bake the whole thing at 500 degrees until "the points of the potato are browned." Fill 'er up with Welsh Rabbit (cheese sauce) and decorate as follows:

When you have completed this interesting dish, the Welsh rabbit will suggest the lava of a volcano; the pimiento, fiery rocks; the sprigs of parsley, the shrubs that dare to grow at the base of this turbulent mountain.

This is very nearly poetry - epic poetry! The shrubs that dare to grow at the base of this turbulent mountain!

I didn't know that shrubs did dare to do that. Or anything, really. Shrubs are pretty tame and suburban. You won't see the Knights Who Say Ni doing their landscaping anywhere near a volcano.

Or a potato.Mashed Potato Pie on Foodista

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