Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Saucier's Apprentice

IMG Saucy Walker ad early 1950s

Yeah, but can she bake? They say she does everything. Everything does include baking, you know.

And since she is a Saucy Walker, perhaps she can make some sauces, too. Chocolate sauce is nice, but it does get all over clothes and things. So maybe she could also throw in a load of laundry, after she and Betsy get done with the baking.

Mother's been co-opted, I believe! Still, it means more time at the country club, playing tennis with that dishy pro. And sitting by the pool with one of those drinks with a little paper umbrella in it.

That sounds really good, actually. Too bad I don't have any Saucy Bakers or Betsy McCookies around here. Or, for that matter, a country club.

Not even a little paper umbrella, alas! Still, it's really for the best. Because while Mother's off improving her serve, who knows what else those clever over-achieving dolls might get up to?

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