Friday, July 25, 2008

Shakespeare's O-Cel-O

1953 Woman's Day ads O-Cel-O Sponges

Remember that name: O-Cel-O. Rhymes with Othello. Also rhymes with "oh, hell no!"

Well, not unless that ittle duck up at the top is planning to help with the cleaning up. And it look like there's a lot of cleaning to do in that room - look at it! Thanks for showing us exacty where and how to use a sponge! That's almost as much of a self-esteem boost as the Over 40 Club outfit from yesterday (I am too lazy to link, it was the post before this, OK? Thanks. It is Friday and I am tired!)

Maybe this ad is making me tired. It makes it sound like you need an arsenal of sponges to do the daily hours of heavy wiping up. They must think I live in a barn or something! (Hey, how'd they know? That duck must have been trying to see in through the windows I need to clean).

It isn't that I don't like a nice's just that O-Cel-O sponges scare me a little. Are they moody, like the hero of a Shakespeare tragedy (I recall that Othello was not that happy). And what's with the "water-breathing action" - what is that? I guess if the basement floods (and given all the rain we are having, it may do) you send the duck downstairs with a little crack team of O-Cel-O sponges, and they dive in.

As long as they wring themselves out into a bucket, nicely. And no splashing each other or cannonballing!

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Marcheline said...

This ad is definitely aimed at the male audience... who will buy O-Cel-O in hopes that eight hot (yet invisible) chicks will be haunting his livingroom. Preferably after the wife has gone to bed.