Saturday, July 26, 2008

"A Spunky Pick-Up Model"

Readers Digest 1967 Jeepster

So this is a "spunky pick-up model," eh? That would imply gold medallions dangling from the rear-view mirror. This car is a Swinger, all right. And I reckon you could have some Neil Diamond tunes blaring from the stereo system: "Love On the Rocks," anyone?

But how successful a Swinger is it, really? I mean, shouldn't it be at some sort of automotive singles bar, trying to pick up a little sports car? One wrong turn and it ends up here, on top of Old Smoky.

It isn't really a Trail Blazer, unless you call getting stuck on some rocks blazing a trail. But maybe it is parked out here on the precipice to do some Swinging. I don't know how bucket seats are going to help though. Bucket seats are hard to do much in except sitting.

This car is called the "Jeepster Commando" by the way - I'm just saying. I'm not going anywhere near that, but duly noted. I don't believe they quite knew what they were saying, those car ad people. Like the Tijuana Hash lady. I guess you could pack some of her Hash for a picnic up there on the rocks. In the Commando. That'd be an adventure all right.

And when this ad says "rough it in style" - talk about an oxymoron! There IS no style to roughing it. I went camping once and it was rough - the people at the next site had a loud party until 2 am and my sleeping bag fell off the underpad. It was like sleeping on top of where the Jeepster is parked. Not fun, not groovy!

I wonder what the rest of the "family of fun cars" is like - do they have happy face decals on them? Is one of them a Clown Car (seats 25 passengers with red bulbous noses and big shoes)? Does the Dad car tell bad jokes through the groovy sound system? Does the Mom car tell you to sit up straight in the bucket seats and stop screaming in the back? That does sound like fun!

Advertisement from 1967 Canadian Reader's Digest.

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