Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ten Things I Hate About This Room

Presenting what passed as "a room for a teen-age girl" in the early 1970s. In a book, not necessarily in reality. But still!

BTB room #3 Teen room

1. The wallpaper looks like an invasion of Ricki Ticki Stickies (those flower-shaped things you put on the bottom of the tub to keep you from skidding).

2. The weird black cow and the smirking frog on top of the Ricki Tickies, just to the right of that bed.

3. The eye-searing black and white checks plastered all over the furniture. Between this and that wallpaper I would need dark glasses (and Motrin) to even attempt living in this place.

4. Those dogs (ceramic perhaps?) down on the floor by the desk. They do not look happy. I would be tripping over them a lot, I think. Why are they there? What is the purpose? They are making me uncomfortable.

5. Snoopy is blocking the vanity mirror. And he is black and white. This is redundant. There is enough black and white in here.

6. All the other stuffed toys lolling on the shelves look a bit weird, too. The clown, another damn frog. Ugh.

7. The bedside table has no legs and no shelves under it. That is no good.

8. Obviously, the black and white checks and the wallpaper CLASH. They clash alone and together, which is quite an achievement.

9. The pencil cup, and the Dalmatian on the shelf above the desk, are white with black spots and they clash with everything else. Was there not enough black and white in here? I guess not.

10. The frog on the shelf is sitting on a straw suitcase. The suitcase is not large enough though. You need something that will hold everything. You will be using it to run away from this room. Note to self: do not pack anything you see in this picture.

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Marcheline said...

Just to keep things on the positive side, I will attempt to find ten things I love about this room. *downs shot of scotch* Okay.. ready? *one more shot of scotch* Here we go!

1. I love a four-poster bed! (Of course this one would require heavy canvas curtains, to block out any possibility of seeing the wallpaper.)

2. I love wicker chairs! Wicker is so comfy to sit in.

3. I love shelves and storage space!

4. I love... another shot of scotch! Uh.. and Snoopy!

5. I love yellow pyramid lamp bases - I mean, it's got that World Vibe, ya know? *hic*

6. Having someplace to put your glass of scotch down right next to the bed ish kinda niche! It'sh flat'n everrrrything!

7. I love that there's no legs on the bedside table, because that's where I can store extra bottles of Scotch!

8. I... what was I saying? Oh yeah, baskets. Are cool too. Yeah.

9. I need another scotch to get through this list, seriously. And that white pitcher up there is a perfect place to keep it. For the next few seconds.

10. ZZZZzzzzzzzzz.................