Monday, August 25, 2008

The 1960 Winner of the Worst Romantic Gift Contest

In-Sink-Erator 1960Garbage and the method of its disposal is not a traditional sort of aphrodisiac. Or any kind of aphrodisiac, unless one is speaking of pigs in the farmyard.

Or perhaps of the lovely couple in this 1960 ad, who are so aroused by something called the In-Sink-Erator (ugh) that they can't leave it in the kitchen (I believe it goes in or under the sink, judging from the name). Forget the champagne, the chocolates, the mood music. This is what really gets you going.

The ad is addressed to the guy - because as we all know, the guy is the one buying the household stuff, right? And what a saucy ad it is! She'll want to thank you three times a day, eh?

I think that the operative word here is "want" - she'll want to, but probably she won't or can't. Too much garbage to dispose of, maybe. Too much other housework (you need to buy her more machines!). Or maybe - just maybe - she can't really, ahem, thank you because the damn In-Sink-Erator is in the way!

Or maybe she isn't thanking you because she read the rest of the ad. It "frees the little woman from disagreeable trips to the garbage can," from garbage "trudgery"!

I'm sure she loves being called the little woman! And she also must just love the picture of her life as endless trudging to and from the garbage. How romantic.

I doubt that the model in the ad does much trudgery, though. That's a mighty fancy outfit you have on, madam! Just mind the In-Sink-Erator looming in the foreground, won't you?

And your little man seems to have turned into the In-Sink-Erator...Or it is somehow taking him over.

Not going there on a Monday morning, that's for sure. We'll just leave it at that, shall we?

P.S. You can still get one of these, link here. Just so you know!

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