Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bon Ami Economy

LHJ 1946 Bon Ami

What a happy day it is! I have learned a new and exciting way to clean the windows! Just put that cake of Bon Ami into my hand and watch me go.

OK, OK, I'll let you in on the secret. Just promise me you won't wear yourself out trying this on all the windows, not all at once. After all, this is the weekend. And we're all supposed to be out having barbecues and lolling on deck chairs and drinking iced tea. (I am assuming that you have all had some waffles with cream sauce and bacon already - you have, right? Because summer time IS waffle time, as we all learned yesterday).

Anyhoo. Put a thin film of Bon Ami on that dirty window and then - here's the really clever bit - wipe it off before it dries. And to think I was going to stand there watching the cleanser dry on the glass!

And if doing the windows does not make you super-happy enough, you can run out to the garage and do the car windshield, too. I'll bet the model in the ad is going to do that. She's raring to go.

The chick at the bottom is saying "hasn't scratched yet!" Hmmm. OK. Is the chick referring to (a) itself, (b) the Bon Ami, or (c) the extremely happy lady?

Because the chick WILL be scratching, if only for snacks, that's what chickens do! They must scratch, you know. It is in the chicken rules. The only reason it has not yet done so is that it just came out of the shell, duh.

The Bon Ami might scratch - I thought it was like Comet. They still make Comet, you know. My mother used to use that stuff on the bathtubs and sinks. It was green and abrasive and- well, scratchy.

As for the lady? I don't whether she scratches. But just to be safe, if you do put your fingerprints all over the window - try and stay out of her way.

Advertisement from Ladies' Home Journal, mid-1940s.

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