Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Cosmo 1966 Dancersizes

When I found this in a groovy 1966 Cosmopolitan, I knew just the video clip to go with it. Here we have someone in a leotard doing Dancersizes. I remember Jazzercize back in college in the early 1980s. I never took it, but I knew someone in my year who actually taught some classes, since Jazzercize was too cutting-edge to be in the official gym curriculum. This girl liked to go around wearing a sleeveless leotard with a little short-sleeved T shirt under it, and a little scarf around her neck, and very, very big hair.

I was impressed, but probably not in the way she was aiming for. And alas, I never Jazzercized. So I cannot tell you what it was like. Though I did do that Jane Fonda tape in the 90s, where she is wearing a lace leotard and ankle boots. Ankle boots! To exercise in! Because you had to look sharp while you were trying to do jumping jacks (provided that you did not skid on the boot soles and fall on your face).

The lady in this demonstration of Warm-Up Wiggles and Luscious Legs, Supple Shoulders,Terrific Tummies, and (let us not forget) Disappearing Waists is Debbie Drake. Not as in the Cakes, though. No Drake's Cakes for Debbie! Her tummy would not be so terrific then.... Still, she seems quite happy. Cosmo notes that she is dancing to Les and Mary Elgart's "King of the Road" - and by implication so should you.

The YouTube clip is from the brilliant "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" series - Hugh Laurie, pre-House, and the wonderful Stephen Fry, who didn't need any instructional photos!

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