Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dinner With Hitchcock

Sportsmen's dinner BHG ca 1960

Sportsmen's dinner BHG ca 1960 text

The ducks will have their revenge. The ducks are angry. And they are clever enough to hatch a little plot to show the sportsmen the errors of their ways. A tasty game feast indeed!

Try eating your dinner with this avenging bird looming just over your plate! Can't be done. Mission accomplished, ducks. Here we have a Sportsmans' Dinner from a 1960 Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. The sportsmen seem to have spilled cigarette ash all over the table. And the duck is also not pleased with that.

I don't think I could concentrate or even drink a glass of water with that duck glaring at me, could you?

Alfred Hitchcock is probably giving this dinner. It is a prequel to The Birds (1963), of course. Next time he had better serve that quiche of his.

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