Sunday, August 10, 2008

Doing the Mashed Potato

LHJ Apr 1945 Brillo

The Brillo may be brilliant. But the potential customers, according to this ad - not so much. Also, they are angry. Not a good combination.

Well, how does this lady clean a mashed potato pot? Oh, with a putty knife, of course! She just happened to have one handy. Right by the sink. Because she's just been filling in some cracks in the wall and also cooking at the same time. Yum! Wonder what's for dinner!

The pot may not like that "rough stuff," but it sure is cathartic after a long day of cooking. And maybe the mashed potatoes are reminiscent of putty. That can happen! You go off and leave them for awhile, maybe look at a magazine. How about the Ladies' Home Journal? I like that one, especially the ads. Like this one.

I assume that the Ladies' Home Journal does want the ladies to read it, right? So the time has to come from somewhere. And reading these ads with your feet up sure beats boiling potatoes.

The other comical option is a "namby-pamby" dishrag - which is what you will feel like after a workout with the pot and the putty knife.

But as always - help is on the way! Brillo is brilliant (get it?) at scrubbing all the edible adhesives off your pots.

And note the little reminder in the corner to buy war bonds (it's 1945 after all). Just remember to get that pot clean before you do.

Oh, and if you buy them from this lady, tell her you have a good idea for the dinner she'll have to get going for Bert and his band of merry men.

And to relax after all that scrubbing, here's "Mashed Potato Time" with 1960s people doing the Mashed Potato dance. Much more fun than doing the dishes!

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