Friday, August 15, 2008

Drene A Little Drene

Woman's Weekly 1940 Bebe Daniels Drene

Here is the lovely Bebe Daniels looking not quite as happy about Drene shampoo as one might have thought. After all, if you have beautiful shiny hair, and you are in a shampoo advertisement, the shininess of the hair and the efficacy of the shampoo is supposed to bring you (and Bebe) to a state of absolute Nirvana.

Perhaps the small tear in the page which makes her forehead look a bit worse for wear, is causing her some distress. That is possible.

Bebe (originally Phyllis) Daniels (1901-1971) was born in Texas and starred in several silent movies with stars like Rudolph Valentino and Harold Lloyd, and she was the original screen Dorothy in the 1910 Wonderful Wizard of Oz. She married British actor Ben Lyon in 1935 and moved to London, England, where she was famous for her radio shows, especially Life With the Lyons 1951 to 1961 (hence the John Lennon-Yoko Ono album, Life With the Lions - not that I've ever listened to it, but I thought I'd mention it).

Bebe and Ben did radio shows all through the war years, and were quite well-loved for this. So it makes sense that she'd be the sort of person you'd want to have advertising your shampoo in 1940. Although, of course, since she was on the couldn't actually see her hair!

It does look quite nice here, though. Score one for the Special Drene!

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