Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flirtation Walk Sandals

1940s Lily Mills Knitting 1

If it's Thursday, there must be many wonderful Vintage Thingies around, thanks to the Apron Queen and all the amazing bloggers who showcase their fab retro thingies - do check them out, it is tons of fun and I always learn something cool.

Today I want to show you something I found in one of the dusty old bookstores I dragged my dear family into on vacation. It's a good thing we had a supply of wet wipes to clean hands afterwards, that's all I'm saying. This 1930s vintage knitting pamphlet was languishing in a pile of stuff in a store in upstate New York. And it was rather hellish to scan on my teeny scanner, so I did the best I could. Most of the slippers were pretty boring, they look like things you can make now - but the sandals! Crocheted sandals with little knitted dolls on them - how can one possibly resist such tricky and bizarre things?

Lily Mills Knitting 4.1

Lily Mills Sandals 2

Lily Mills sandals 1

Flirtation Walk was a 1934 movie starring Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler. It was apparently a romantic musical set in Hawaii. I don't think Ruby was wearing things like these sandals in Hawaii, do you? All that sand would be really hard to get out of yarn (not that this stopped the 1960s-1970s crocheted bathing suit fiasco, but that's for another post).

And look, see, it is a boy doll and girl doll on the sandals - too bad they're not in Hawaiian costumes. Why not crochet a little hula skirt, since you're spending so much time on these things anyway! They look like voodoo dolls. Oh dear - maybe they are. (No wonder the black and white photo girl looks a tad worried...)

Lily Mills sandals 1.2

Lily Mills sandals 1

"Most attractive for House or Terrace" - that's intriguing. Don't wear them on the porch or to go grab the newspaper from the mailbox. You may only step outside in these IF you are in possession of a terrace.

Where do the Lily Mills yarn people think I am living, Tracy Lord's mansion in The Philadelphia Story ? I think she had a terrace (Tori will let me know if I am way off base here).

But Tracy would probably not knit and wear these amazing sandals, would she? And Katharine Hepburn or Grace Kelly? That I would love to see!

LATER THAT WEEK...Thanks to Shay, who pointed out that Flirtation Walk is actually set at West Point - which is nowhere near Hawaii. Though it sounds like a bit of it is set in Hawaii. But then they all go to West Point.

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