Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Golden (Brownie) Ratio

It has been awhile, I know, since we had any recipes or - well - kitchen-related retro, around this joint. I know, I know! It gives the blog title an ironic twist, which can be fun but it only goes so far. Whatever that means. Anyway, there will be kitchen kitsch and kitchen retro, sometimes. And look what we have here on Vintage Thingies Thursday (for that is what Thursday means around here, thanks to the Apron Queen, who reigns supreme over this weekly Retro-palooza) - why, I do declare! It's an old advertisement AND a recipe!

Cocoanut Brownies ad 1953

Oh, and also we have a cutesy play on words. Golden-brown and golden-brownies. I get it. That's mildly amusing!

The recipe is notable for its use of melted coconut candy bars which "are rich in natural shortening" (that would be the coconut - pardon me, cocoanut - but I think they might put in extra lard or Crisco or something in the bars, too).

The actual bar looks more fun than the brownies, which pale quite literally in contrast to the dark chocolate bar. I prefer dark chocolate myself. I can imagine setting out to make this and then just saying the hell with it and serving the Welch's Cocoanut Bars as they are.

This is a "kitchen-tested recipe" - why are they so proud of this? I guess we should be glad they didn't try to make the golden-brownies over a campfire or in a hotpot or something. I once tried to make Kraft Dinner in a hotpot (I was living in a dorm, don't ask). It didn't work out, let's just leave it at that. The hotpot was never the same again. (And this is why this is not a straight cooking blog, folks!)

Finally, we also get a Happy Hint. Who doesn't love a Happy Hint! The Hint being that the Welch's people would be really Happy if you bought a lot of their candy bars and forced them on your friends and relations pretty much 'round the clock.

No, you know what, I want to see an All Right Hint: "This product is - well, it's all right. There's probably better candy bars out there, but ours are OK and they're pretty cheap, really. Just buy a couple of bars. Please. If you feel like it."

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