Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Shiny Button People

1970 Buttoneer

More strange gifts for women! But this advertisement comes with a caution. Look what happens when you give a girl the jauntily-named Buttoneer! She will become a crazed button fanatic, stapling them to every avaiable surface - with the unfortunate results you see above. That poncho must weigh a ton, never mind if she whirls around and the poncho hits some innocent bystander.

Clearly, this is a younger version of Kathy, before she settled down in the suburbs with a big case of Artex.

We are all encouraged to attach many, many buttons to "a whole closetful of great-looking fashions." And told that "with a little imagination and the Buttoneer button attacher, anything is possible." Yeah, that is what this girl's friends are worrying about. Anything is possible! She will be sneaking into their houses and attacking their closetfuls of great-looking fashions. Formerly great-looking, that is to say.

And then they will all be as one - the Button People! Doesn't that just sound very 1970s? I'll bet they go around singing about being happy, too. And handing out lots of buttons.

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