Friday, August 22, 2008

Madame Boudoir Guarantees (and Sees) All

t was hard being a glamorous lady in the 1880s (well, it's hard to be in any era, I think - but let's just say the 1880s because that's when these ads were around), what with the tight-lacing and the endless layers of clothing in the middle of summer, and buttoning your boots with button-hooks.

But today, let's talk about how you, the fashion plate of the 1880s, want hair on your head, but not so much growing out of your chin.

Fortunately the Ladies' Journal had advertisers ready to help with both issues. First, the fabulously-named Madame Boudoir wanted to assist with your "superfluous hair." And unlike her competitors' preparations, hers would not have the reverse effect of "destroying your face." Err...what were those other folks putting in their depilatories? Never mind, I don't really want to know...

Ladies' Journal 1889 Madame Boudoir

I am sure that Madame Boudoir could help with all kinds of problems, with a name like that. She should have had an advice column, or manufactured lingerie. Or perhaps she could predict the future - she could use Mr Dorenwend's wig stand as a crystal ball!

Speaking of which...we need to think about a gorgeous wig for the top of your head. And for your wiggy needs we have Mr. Dorenwend (who made so many other things I am going to write a series on him for my history blog this fall - also he was tangentially involved in a murder trial in Toronto, as a witness, which really is a story for that other blog)...

Ladies' Journal 1889 Dorenwend Hair Good

It's good for everybody, that wig on the stand! I especially love how Dorenwend's is a Paris Hair Works, even though:

(a) The Dorenwends were originally from Germany,

(b) The Hair Works were in Canada,

(c) But not in Paris, Ontario.

Madame Boudoir was clearly aiming for a French effect, with a name like that. Perhaps she was the mastermind behind this. Speaking of face-destroying.

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