Friday, August 29, 2008

The Missing Ring Mystery

LHJ Feb 1936 Ivory Snow 2

Paging Nancy Drew! There's a missing diamond ring. Also possibly missing hands - I mean, what did happen to Betty's hands? Don't tell me they ran off with the ring!

Let's go back and have a look at the evidence. George and Bess, please take note:

1. The gentlemen have a little socioeconomic rivalry going on: now Jim's not the only one whose wife is flashing a big rock around town! Jim could have taken the ring so that his wife Joan remains the Diamond Queen. Keep an eye on Jim and Joan. It's always the best friends, who are so eager to help out, that you have to watch in mystery stories.

2. Betty says she has removed the ring so that it does not show up her dishpan hands. Well, that's what she says anyway! Maybe she sold the ring and is planning to run off to Mexico. Are she and Jim in cahoots? There's a backstory right there.

3. And then there's Joan, the Diamond Queen. She suggests that Betty switch over to Ivory Soap when she's at the sink scrubbing that mountain of daily dishes. I suspect Joan too, just because she seems a little shifty. And jealous! Is this my pal Joan Crawford again? In which case is Betty really Bette, as in Davis? Because then we've got ourselves a little drama. I know those two didn't get along! (Nancy, try and avoid being near the stairs when you're around these two).

4. And finally, how about the old guy in the last section who doesn't recognize Betty because of her "exquisite hands" - yeah, how about that? He noticed the ring all right. Everyone does - Betty's holding her hands up in the classic "who-me?" pose. Very subtle, Betty. But if I were you, I'd cut it out.

5. Also, are these dames really washing the dishes with a bar of Ivory Soap? Because that may or may not make your hands soft but I'm not sure it cleans all the stuff off of dirty dishes. Mind you Betty isn't washing dishes so much as gazing at her hands while holding a bar of soap over the dishes. (Betty, I think you have to get the soap and the dishes to interact).

Anyway, Nancy can probably solve this one. She can get Bess to pretend to be Betty and Joan's new neighbor. Bess can invite them over to play bridge or something. George can play golf with Jim and his pals, or she could be the caddy - maybe that ring is hidden in Jim's golf bag! And then for a twist, Nancy could actually find the ring and then she can run off to Mexico.

Additional suspects, solutions and Nancy Drew jokes are more than welcome in the comments!

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