Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Chemical Mitt Romance

LHJ Apr 1945 Chemical Mitt

For people who are just sick of soap, bored with Bon Ami - hate the sight of seismotite. What you need is a Chemical Mitt!

It is apparently a mitt loaded with - well, chemicals. What sort of chemicals, this little ad does not say. But they are all in there. And they will clean your windows (and your windshield) like - like the Bon Ami, really. Everything will be shiny! And clean! There will be no streaks.

All will be at one with the universe.

But I think you have to be an Agent to get one. A Secret Agent, perhaps. Maybe you can use them when doing battle with the agents over at KAOS (thank you Erica for reminding me of the right spelling!). Or there is a secret camera concealed in the mitt that takes pictures while you pretend to clean windows at the enemies' hideaway. Even the bad guys hate a dirty streaky window, you know!

Agent 99 (pictured above) knows how to wield the Chemical Mitt. Maxwell Smart, not so much.

Here's a clip where Maxwell is having trouble with a door:

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