Thursday, August 14, 2008

Revolutionary Rice

Hunt's and rice ad 1950s

As depressing and 1950s-suburban as a Richard Yates novel - it's what's for dinner on Revolutionary Road. In only 18 minutes (otherwise known as "pronto") you too can have this tomato-laden mess on the table.

Soggy precooked rice, canned tomato sauce and a little ingenuity is all it takes. Well...maybe not so much ingenuity. You could probably skip that.

I do have a technical question though. A rhetorical question, because it is not like I want to actually make this stuff. However: if it is Minute Rice, how come it takes 18 minutes? According to my calculations it does not take 17 minutes to open a can.

Well, not unless you've been having the sort of cocktail hour that they have in Revolutionary Road, that is.

(P.S. I recommend this novel! It is an amazing book. But very depressing, of course. It is being made into a movie with, I think, Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the main roles, and I am looking forward to seeing it.)

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