Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Sandwich Spread of the Nation

LHJ 1946 ads Underwood Devilled Ham

There were some pretty odd food shortages in the US during World War II - not the sort of items that would spring to mind when the topic came up. (Assuming that you are talking about this. I have not been but here's the ad for today, what can I say?). I have got some other shortage ads that are rather startling, but they are for another day. One does not wish to be startled on a Sunday evening. One would like to sit on the back porch with a mystery novel, in fact...

So they were running low on Underwood Sandwich Spread, huh? My mother used to make sandwiches for me with this stuff in the 1960s. Unfortunately there was no shortage of it then. It would have to be spread pretty damn thin to make me grin, I can tell you that much.

I'll be back tomorrow with something better. Promise. Am still a bit exhausted from the Sitemeter drama. Did it wreak havoc for you too?Deviled Ham Ball on Foodista

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