Friday, August 8, 2008

Starcrossed Towels

LHJ 1946 Wundatowl

It's a good thing you are only going to dry stuff with these towels, and not enter a spelling bee with them. Because clearly, they cannot spell.

They can, however, dry about a million dishes (oh good, that's just what I have in the sink right this minute !) Or if you want to do a little tidying up in the Great Lakes - and good luck with that, by the way - these guys will sop up plenty of water.

They are pretty big dishtowels though, don't you think? That lady could wear one as a toga, if she was so inclined. Use it as a bath towel, too. And it washes like a hanky, what does that mean? I think people used to handwash handkerchiefs in the sink. But this Wundatowl looks like it would need its own Jacuzzi tub. It's way past fitting into a sink!

And it is practically lintless! That means, doesn't it, that there IS lint. There will be lint. Always, there will be lint. Just not very much. Depends on what your definition of "practically" is.

I guess it works pretty well though. For one thing, it has wiped up nearly all of the word "Discovery" at the top of the ad. And how about this to recommend it: it is at better stores everywhere. We know about those better stores. They are the ones with the higher prices, and fewer salespeople at the tills.

Maybe I could get this cheaper at a not-quite-so-good store. I wunda.

Advertisement from 1945 Ladies' Home Journal.

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