Saturday, August 9, 2008

Trick Or Fruit

kids' nightwear ad 1950s

If we can pull off Christmas in July, why not have a little bit of Halloween in August? After all, they're starting to put the Halloween candy out just about now, aren't they?

I get that Junior there on the left is supposed to be a watermelon. Not sure about his little brother. A strawberry, perhaps. This is how they kit up to go to bed at night? No mention of Halloween in the ad, and anyway if it was Halloween they would be poring over loads of cheap candy. Complaining about how many of those molasses taffy kisses in the orange wax paper they got. I hated those.

Also, pencils are no good. I got pencils a lot. I used to trick or treat in our apartment building. Ding dong! Whatcha got? My favorites were the mini packs of M&Ms, but chocolate in general was good. Also candy corn. I don't really know why I liked it but I did.

What was your favorite Halloween candy? Any different now?

The funniest thing I saw someone get was a can of soda. Seriously, someone was handing out cans of soda in our neighborhood a few years ago. You have to carry that separately, it crushes the little Mars bars and things if you just chuck it in the same bag. Helps to have a parent along to carry the soda (ahem).

But oh yeah...the ad! The ad for sleepers. I still don't really know what's going on here.

As the incomparable Junie B. Jones says in Boo! And I Mean It, "I didn't say trick or fruit." Mind you, nobody ever says "trick or pencil" either, but fruit sounds better (off-rhyme with treat, and all that).

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