Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yarn Scene Investigation

1976 Mary Maxim yarn ad

If things get any more exciting around here we may have to make some coffee.

Still, Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice here are certainly having a great time staring at the knitted blanket, all right. They have been frozen there for hours! That is one fascinating piece of wool, folks. There's a red barn on it, and a farmhouse, and lookie there, a squashed little horse and sleigh!

What is the strange radiance coming from the afghan? What are its strange hypnotic powers?

And when will that macrame ropey plant hanger thing fall down? Watch out behind you, there, Ted - it looks like its creeping up on you.

They are Scene Makers, that's what Mary Maxim says. Their Scene is heavy on the yarn. And the strange fixation on sweaters with streaky sunsets knit into them.

This is what you call decorous swinging. You keep your sweater vests on, you see, so you can tell who to go home with.

Or perhaps who NOT to go home with...

Advertisement is from the mid-1970s, as you can tell from the pointy collars and fake wood panelling. Oh, and the large plants muscling into the picture like bystanders behind the news reporters on TV (all they need are some signs that say "Hi Mom").

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