Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Accident-Prone Tourist

Here's a fun 1970s vacation opportunity....and Bob is the official Worrier. Which one of the guys is Bob? Probably the one who is sitting uneasily apart, perched on a sharp rock no doubt, trying to look relaxed. The sharp rock can't be helping.

There's a Worrier in every group, right? That's what they do. And they are so good at sharing! Maybe they won't have ginger ale on the plane. Maybe the hotel will be overbooked. What if I get sunburn? What if we all get lost and can't find the hotel? What if we never find it?

Well, that could be an issue, from the look of these folks.

And oh God, what if they can't find a place on the beach? What will they do? Where will they go? How will they cope! Because they don't just need any old spot. They need a secluded picnic spot!

That's because Bob probably doesn't want anyone to see how he eats a sandwich. He's a messy eater, I can just tell.

And I suppose the others don't have any interest in seeing Bob mangle a PBJ either. But they might as well protect the rest of Bermuda.

Bob, jeez. Take a break, pal. And a deep, cleansing breath. Have a good look around. What do you see? Why, I do believe we're the only people on the beach! So...I don't think we're going to have any trouble finding a spot.

However, Bob is not the only problem person here. His wife (or the other dame - I can't tell who's who, but they both have big hats, I know that) calls this a "delicious beach." Did you see that? She thinks that that pink sand is delicious.

Cue the sand-in-the-sandwich jokes right here. You can just skim over that. But it had to be said, you know.

In any case, her concept of what makes a good meal is highly suspect.

No wonder Bob is so worried.


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Great blog! :) But, Bob & friends worry ME!

Lea-Ann said...

Bob should probably be worried about being sucked into that dang Bermuda triangle. Hey, guess why that beach is secluded!! Because all the other worriers got sucked into oblivion!!

Tori Lennox said...

Bob's probably worried about being dragged back to the early 1800s again since that's obviously where the woman on the far right got her hat....

Melanie said...

Oh, you just know Bob is the guy sitting on the rock. He's got worry written all over him. And he's sitting on the rock because heaven forbid he should actually relax.

The whole group worries me though. I mean look at all that paper waste they are generating. Even if they were responsible enough to pack it up and take it with them, you know that nice ocean breeze blew away a few napkins.

And, why do they need a beach that's so delicious and secluded???? What have they got in mind after they finish the sandwiches?

Bob just doesn't seem the type to have a lot of fun on any kind of beach, secluded or otherwise.

Chat Blanc said...

Bob's a serious dork! I'd dump that dude and hit a beach with real men on it! ;)

Amy said...

I'd be more worried about falling off the cliff!

Lux said...

Oh no! My mom's the worrying type, too! Now I'm worried .. ;-)