Monday, September 15, 2008

Aunt Emily's Revenge

Aunt Emily's Revenge 1968

McCalls Ad 1968 Carpets detail

Indeed, what a charming young lady! If I was an elderly relative with antique furniture, I'd be panting to give it to this pouting ingrate. Not.

She is so charming, in fact, that Aunt Emily is busy rewriting her will.

And Cousin Alice? She wants her Empire Secretary back (after all, it's so hard to find a good secretary these days! Alice thinks it even takes dictation).

As for dear old Uncle Gerald, he's been a bit lacquered himself these days. But when he snaps out of it, I think he might reconsider who's going to inherit his chinoiserie.

And Aunt Emily, who's been demoted to sofahood?

She'll be leaving the family fortune to those white elephants. They make good pets if you have a big enough mansion, she always says.

Ad from 1968 McCall's.

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