Thursday, September 18, 2008

Big Brother and the Curtain Company

But I don't get emotional about curtains! Honestly, I don't think it ever occurred to me.

Don't get me wrong, I like curtains. They can be very nice. Although we really just have mini blinds. Not because I am overwrought about curtains in any way. It's just that the blinds are enough.

Once I tacked up an Indian bedspread over the front window, back in grad school. That made a pretty good curtain. I felt fine about it.

Why do they think I might get emotional about curtains but not about curtain track?

Because curtain track can be sort of annoying. I made curtains once, and it was very tough trying to hang them up and get them in the track thingie. I am not much good with sewing and crafty stuff, I admit it. It really isn't my thing.

So I was a little bit annoyed. That is not the same as emotional. I mean, I wasn't getting all weepy and dramatic and tearing the curtains down and so on.

I cursed a fair bit and then I did the best I could.

After which I got on with my life.

Having said all that - this guy looks like he might get a bit emotional about curtains. You don't think he's the guy in 1984 - Cyril Cusack played him in the 1984 movie - whose old-guy disguise is given away by his black eyebrows. He owns the bookshop where Winston and Julia meet secretly - Mr. Charrington is his name. Seems like a nice old guy but is really a member of the Thought Police.

Who knew that he was emotional about curtains? I thought they didn't like curtains in 1984 - Big Brother can't peek in on you when you have curtains!

Big Brother is not going to like this, Mr. Charrington. And then he will get emotional. That's not going to be good.

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