Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Grumble Seat

This may be more of a Monday post but hey, Tuesday can be like Monday Redux some weeks. You aren't that much closer to the weekend, are you?

And what if canned asparagus is on the menu on a Tuesday? You'll be grumbling on a Tuesday all right.

I'll be in the grumble seat then. I hate veggies in cans. Hate them! Used to sit in front of canned green beans, refusing to eat them, as a kid. Ah, 1968. College students were having sit-ins up at Columbia, taking over Low Library. I was just a taxi ride away from them, having the first-grader's version of the Revolution. Hell no, that's got to go!

And so does this canned asparagus. Just take a look at it! It looks like something Jacques Cousteau met on the way down to the ocean floor. Are they absolutely sure this isn't something called sea asparagus? Is there even such a thing? I know there's sea cucumbers. Hey, maybe we can make a salad!

Oh, for heaven's sake, lady, I'm kidding! Please, please don't make a salad.

And what in holy hell is the garnish on the bottom picture? No, don't tell me. You know, I'm kind of full from lunch...I think maybe I'll skip dinner.

Because if that's what we're having, it won't be technically the grumble seat, it will be something far more - digestively...revolutionary.

And look at the expression on her face. I think maybe she already tried some in the kitchen.

The tagline below reads "The world's most popular salad and vegetable delicacy." I think that's probably what my mother said about the canned beans.

LHJ 1931 Canned Asparagus

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