Sunday, September 7, 2008

If You Are PAST 40...

...If you are past 40, this is what advertisers in 1945 are thinking about you. Nice, huh? Flattering! They don't make a secret of it, do they?

This lady looks like a reform school principal in a frilly apron.

Way to go, buttering up the potential customers!

I don't think that age is what's causing this lady's problems with reading the cookbook. It may be the black rectangular sign directly in her way. You think?

Trust this bifocal company to blame her faulty, non-bifocal glasses!

They haven't convinced me. Aside from the black sign issue, it's their vision of the over-40 woman that's just so - uninspiring? Insulting? Annoying? Check, check, check.

Also, most of us tend to put the book down when we're trying to mix stuff in a bowl. I know I do. I am not an octopus, you know.

By the way, who is that grinning knucklehead at the bottom of the ad? A salesman? A spouse? An ingredient?

Also, maybe sometimes, when you're over 40, you DO want to fool your eyes. Like on a bad hair day when there just isn't any more time to try and fix things. Or what if what you're cooking turns out a little lopsided?

Or maybe...there's a big sign dangling in front of you and you just don't know why the bifocal people are dangling it! Land sakes, it'll get in the waffle batter if they don't watch out!

And then the prison matron is going to overturn that bowl on somebody's head. If I were the guy, I would stop grinning, put on my two-way bifocals and make a run for it.

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