Saturday, September 13, 2008

Into White

OK, people, people - I don't know how to tell you this, but you may be overdoing the color scheme just a little. Could someone please sneak out to the garage and take the rest of the white paint away from this couple?

They were listening to Tea For the Tillerman while they redecorated. Big mistake:

1. Building house from barley rice: Who's the contractor here, the Three Little Pigs?

2. Construction materials include green pepper walls and water ice: see above. The water ice is an especially bad idea.

3. Tables of paper wood: OK, I see we're going to be shopping at IKEA!

4. Windows of light: Slight problem here. They are supposed to let in light, not be made of light. May I add: heat loss, A/C issues and all the wildlife in the neighborhood getting into the house (and I don't just mean the neighbours).

5: Summation of design goals: everything empties into white. Yeah, and look at the result!

Because I have to tell you - and please don't wave your paint brushes at me! - a new light fixture is not going to solve your basic room-decor problem. Or any other problems that you might have.

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