Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not A Simpleton

Oh, well, thanks for the vote of confidence, Tampax! For one thing, though, that's not my daughter there in the picture. I really don't know who she is but she looks pretty mature - thirty, at least. Mind you back then teenagers did look rather old, what with the pancake makeup and the dark lipstick. (Hey, just like the Lohan girls! They're actually retro, who'd have thunk it?)

Also I wasn't even born in the early 1950s so I just could not be the mother of that elderly-looking girl.

Anyway, I'm sure she is not a simpleton. Save for agreeing to pose for your ad. That was a bit - simple. Though as these ads go, this is fairly tame really.

Although I wish you wouldn't go on and on and ON about Tampax. Lets agree that it is - fine. It's an OK product. Now would you please stop writing Ph.D length dissertations about the how and why of it being so great. A wonder product, no less. As in I wonder why we have to keep reading about it in such excruciating detail.

There is a little interesting psychological stuff going on, though. That is the part I always like about these ads - the family drama. The ad says that:

(a) Not only is your daughter not a simpleton, she probably knows about lots of stuff you don't...

So does that mean the Tampax people think that you (that's you, there, mother dear!) are the simpleton by implication?

(b) Whoever buys this product, the other one ought to thank them. Thank you, brilliant female relative, for introducing me to this wonder of wonders!

Oh, and one more thing. At the end of the ad they state that you can carry a month's supply in a purse.

Oh, really?

Is my not-daughter there carrying Samsonite luggage around every day? A suitcase full of Tampax.

What a simpleton.

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