Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Bottle Of Odors

Here's a weird little scene. I think this is a mother and daughter. The daughter is talking fast, sounds defensive. She probably wasn't supposed to send fifty cents to Lundborg's for a frivolous perfume price list. She was supposed to buy some thing sensible, like cotton thread or wool underwear. Or donate it to the Ladies' Aid Society. Or something. Not this nonsense where you douse yourself with essence of Alpine Violet!

"Everybody says that Lundborg's is the best. And everybody is right." Peer pressure! You just know the mother is going to say "And if everybody said that they were going to do the can-can in the middle of Madison Avenue, would you do that, too?"

She probably would, you know. Check out that fancy sharp little parasol. Mamma had better watch what she says!

And to top it off young missy says that she is going out to buy "a large bottle of one of the odors" right now - going right back outside, she isn't even going to put that parasol down.

That seals the deal all right. What a brilliant ad copywriter! A bottle of odors - yes, we are all going to be putting that on the top of our shopping lists!

Advertisement from the mid-1880s, from Harper's Weekly.


Amy said...

nah she's probably threatening to beat her mother if she doesn't buy the product too.

Tori Lennox said...

Oh, you KNOW if she's gonna buy some of that fancy Lundborg's perfume, she'd be willing to do the can-can in the middle of Madison Avenue. Heck, she's probably instigate the whole thing!

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

I'd like to order a bottle of odors, please. It's 50 cents, did you say? Let me see... I believe I have that in dimes right here in my reticule.

Bill said...

Boy, that's a natural sounding conversation! I hope this guy didn't write any plays.

Still, poor writing skills aside, fifty cents sounds like a lot of money for a list of odors. I think the daughter should just throw herself on a flowerbed & roll around.