Friday, October 3, 2008

Jackey Blue

I don't think I want to put Jackey anywhere near my head, thanks. Not even if a child is offering to help.

If it doesn't use heat or electricity, how on earth do you think it worked? Did you use a wave lotion or chemicals? That must be it, but they don't mention it.

I looked up the patent (the patent number is right there in the ad, which is handy) and it was designed in 1936 by John B. Copenhefer of Lousiville, Kentucky. I read as much as I could, and then I sort of got a headache. You have never read anything so detailed about a plastic comb device, I promise. It just goes on and on! I do know that the "comb element" grabs the hair, but that's about it.

The picture in the ad is kind of nice, though - it looks sort of Victorian, except for the hairstyle. It is from a 1939 Ladies' Home Journal.

This ad also made me think of the song "Jackie Blue," by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. I remember hearing it on the radio a lot when I was a kid:


Liquid said...


Have a wonderful weekend!

Babs (Beetle) said...

I remember seeing those, or very similar, when I was a little child! I think you put them in when your hair was wet, and by the time your hair was dry it was waved. That would have been the early 1950's. They then moved on the metal tongs that you heated over the flame of your cooker ;O)

Chat Blanc said...

it seems like the old school version of all the crazy hair styling tools they sell on late night TV!

wow! I haven't heard that song in AGES! thanks!

Bill said...

This poor woman appears to have a hand-shaped crater in the top of her skull. She probably looks for any hairstyle that will provide distraction.
In this case, the style actually waves at onlookers, saying "Don't look there! Look over here at her pretty forehead! Or anywhere but the top of her head!"