Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Mad Magazine Tea Party

What - me worry about my tea?

Actually, I'd rather not drink tea (or anything else) out of Alfred E. Neuman's head.

The same goes for his girlfriend, too. Why are they winking at us? Do they know something about the tea?

And what are they doing in this 1953 tea ad anyway? Don't they need to be doing stuff for Mad Magazine?

The rest of the ad makes a lot out of absolutely nothing. Yes, sure, they only use the tiny little new tea leaves. That's what they all say, though; we only use the best! Just once, I want someone to admit that they use stuff that is OK, but not the best. "It's all right - our tea leaves. They're medium-sized. Not little baby leaves, but also not scraped off the bottom of of George Washington's old tea caddy"(that would be their finely aged premium blend).

And that tea bag, how about that for innovation! Each bag in a little paper envelope. Wow. Just let me sit down, here. This is huge!

As far the "kind words" go, as long as they aren't coming from Alfred and Alfreda, I guess that's all right. I don't want them talking to me. That tea cup would be flying out of my hand the day it starts talking to me!

They do look like they're about to say something pretty snarky, though - once they're finished winking. That tea is - how do they put it? - "naturally lively."

I'd have something pretty lively to say, too, if someone poured tea on my head.


Bill said...

These cups would be perfect at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

Queenly Things said...

Just a couple of weeks agao I saw a set of these cups at the antique sale. They were cute but I couldn't imagine drinking something out of them while they eyed my chin. Creep-ee

Amy said...

oh dear, you know what that picture reminded me of? Someone who's mixed drugs with their tea and is now seeing talking cups. Definitely creepy!

Condo Blues said...

Those cups remind me of the Bailey's Irish Cream coffee cups they do as a gift with purchase during the holidays!

Kristie said...

I have a feeling those creepy cups are going to end up in some weird nightmare I have tonight. It'll be all your fault Lidian!

Bill, you are right - All I hear is "Off With Her Head!" when I look at them.