Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Magic Fruit Cake

I know, I know. A recipe on Kitchen Retro! How very extraordinary.

But this recipe really IS extraordinary. As a matter of fact - it is magic. The Magic Fruit Cake! Sounds like the opera Mozart would have written - if only he had been around in the 1950s, privy to the cultural wonders of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk.

Another special thing about this recipe is that it's a Canadian Magic Fruit Cake - thanks to the beneficence of Elsie the Cow and her friends at the Borden Hostess House. That Hostess House must have been quite a fun place. What with Elsie - who looks like she's been dipping into some sort of Magic Fruit herself - not to mention all those Magical recipes. There are 70 of them in the booklet, mostly involving confectionary.

After a few pages, you really do start to feel a bit overwhelmed. Although that could be dessert overload.

This recipe was on a separate piece of paper inside the booklet, inserted for the benefit of the Canadian market. For alas, Borden's Condensed None Such Mince Meat was not to be had outside of the US. Considering the name, I guess they were lucky to find it there. How much more can you condense regular mincemeat, anyway? That stuff has its own gravitational pull.

I do want to know is what, precisely, is Magic about this cake - and about the Magic Fruit Surprise Cake on Page 22 that they mention at the top. Just how surprising is it? Does the fruit do magic tricks? Does the cake talk you through an awkward dinner?

Maybe it washes the dishes afterwards. Say, I ought to try that cake out. I could use a break!


Amy said...

Borden...hmm...it wasnt invented by Lizzie by any chance was it?

Jewelgirl said...

Borden, that's Daisy the Cow right?
There was magic in my parents fruitcake alright - it was called Brandy....:)

Melanie said...

I would think magic had happened if anyone actually at a slice of this leaden mincemeat loaded "cake". Not one of Borden's better recipes I'd say!

kris said...

Yegads! My mother loves fruit cake! I bet she used this recipe even. She's the only person I know on the planet who actually eats the "Magic Cake". Hm... maybe that's why she eats it. This is the same lady who insists that Sangria is "fruit juice". See, that's why she loves the fruit cake so much!

BTW - I grew up on Borden everything. I always thought as a child it was the product of Lizzie. I'm a dork - I thought Lizze Borden was the Borden Cow as a kid! LOL

I guess the Borden Cow was probably the one who knocked the lantern over in Ole Mother O'Leary's barn and burnt Chicago down. LOL again.

~~louise~~ said...

Yeah! a recipe...Did it have to be Magic Fruit Cake? I'm mean really, what's magical about a fruit cake that takes two hours and fifteen minutes to prepare and forever to eat?

What was Mrs. O'leary's cow's name anyway? I'm sure it wasn't Elsie.

Bill said...

How much more can you condense regular mincemeat, anyway? That stuff has its own gravitational pull.
This gave me a big smile! I agree 100%. I'm surprised the US recipe didn't call for heavy water.

Anonymous said...

Ihave been making this fruit (bread) for years. I use Maraschino cherries and dates for the mixed fruit peel and my children ( all 14), 7 of which are adults love it and beg me to make it every year for them. Don't knock it till you've tried it. It tastes nothing like traditional fruit cake made this way and most of the recipes fron nonesuch give this option.