Friday, October 10, 2008

Mood Eyelashes

Well, "wow!" indeed. Put away those mood rings, you need something infinitely more fiddly and - if you have more than one mood - more expensive.

This one is a little bit weird for me - not just because it is a weird ad, but because I actually remember being horrified and entranced by this ad way back in 1973 when I was 10 going on 11.

My love of retro advertisements must go back to that era of poring over my mother's magazines. I loved all the ads, especially the little ones at the back. And when I found the copy of Woman's Day that this comes from, I had some major deja vu.

Proust had those madeleine cookies; I have got an ad for fake eyelashes.
"Bring Out the Real You" with fake lashes - yeah, that makes sense!

I don't know where moods numbers 1-10 went (or 12,14, 18-22, etc). Some eyelash moods are - secret, I guess. Why can't they tell us what they are?

I can't make the ad any bigger, so here you go, these moods make up the Real You:

11. Career?
13. Natural?
15. Sophisticated?
16. Outdoors?
17. Now?
23. Romantic?
26. Home-Loving?
28. Feminine?
31. Child-At-Heart?
33. Intellectual?

-Why all the question marks?

-What is Home-Loving or Intellectual about eyelashes?

-If you have mixed feelings or more than one mood, do you have to wear 2 or 3 (or more!) pairs of fake eyelashes? That would put me in a Bad? mood.

-Speaking of which, I think they missed some moods: how about Cranky? Anxious? Frustrated? Tired? Had-Enough? Need-Chocolate? (Perhaps these are the moods the ad refuses to mention)

-And is that Cybill Shepherd trying to look Intellectual in the last photo (bottom right)?

The main point to take away is to buy MANY, MANY pairs of MOD eyelashes and "match each changing mood" - sure, that'll keep you busy! If you are feeling "Now?" and then suddenly change to feeling a little bit "Career?" instead of getting on with work, you need to go and change eyelashes.

What, Now? Yeah, right now!


Tori Lennox said...

Dang! Who know I could sell my eyelashes that come loose so they could be made into fake lashes?

Bill said...

This is one of the strangest annals of fashion I've encountered. I had never seen nor heard of these before.
What made the Outdoors? pair outdoorsy? Twigs? Spiders?
Now? must have had a stopwatch attached.

Jayne said...

My daughters friends were all into false eyelashes for a few years but had to learn the knack of attaching them properly from a close friend who was a drag queen!

Robyn said...


"Cranky? Anxious? Frustrated? Tired? Had-Enough? Need-Chocolate? (Perhaps these are the moods the ad refuses to mention)"

It's the only logical explanation - and clearly logic was a big part of this campaign.

This is the best thing I've seen all day.

Chat Blanc said...

the moods you listed are so much better!!

Rochelle R. said...

These look a lot like the large collection of Halloween eyelashes that we have at my store right now. I presume those in the ad aren't green or purple though. :)

Shay said...

Don't be silly! That's Shelly Hack, not Cybill Shepherd.

(I once mis-spent part of my mis-spent youth's allowance on a bottle of Charlie just because I loved her in the Charlie commercials so much).